Hi, I’m Annie. I’m a graphic designer based in California and I work remotely as a Brand Designer on the interactive team at Mixpanel. My previous design roles have been at Compass, Saatchi & Saatchi, Everlane, Eventbrite, and Twitter. My first "creative" job was painting faces. In my design career, I've been described as a "steel trap" and "punk but polite", which are both funny to me. I work across print and web seamlessly and love it, though my work here leans more print-heavy. Colleagues say my strengths are typography, layout, and structure—I agree.

I’m not taking on any new freelance projects at this time, but I might be open to later in 2023. Book design, anyone? In the meantime, you can find snippets of my most recent projects or interests in my visual journal, or you can take a look at more select work here.


Fun stuff
🎧 mixcloud
🎬 letterboxd
black and white studio portrait of my workspace. White desk with a mechanical keyboard, mouse, laptop, and monitor with barbara kruger's "are we having fun yet" (1987) artwork front and center on the screen.
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